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2014-2015 Parent/Players Meeting is Tuesday September 9th ---- 2014 Fall Ball starts Saturday October 4th (CLICK THE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFO)

Welcome to the Official Gilbert Tiger Lacrosse Website!!!

Our season is just around the corner and our board members and coaches are working hard to create a successful season. As we approach fall ball I would like to just outline our expectations for our athletes and overall outlook for the season. In conversations with all of our coaches and board members, we are truly excited about the new ideas and enthusiasm, which will strengthen our program’s future while obtaining our annual team goals. It is imperative for our program that we take a progressive approach in preparing our athletes for the upcoming season.

It is the expectation of the entire coaching staff, that all athletes be able to catch and throw with both hands, a very fundamental skill that has been overlooked in years past. Athletes who lack this skill will certainly be considered for our JV team with the hope and intention that they will develop this skill throughout the year. Overall athletic improvement will also be a factor when choosing teams for the spring. We have provided our athletes with many opportunities to improve their pre-season athleticism and lacrosse fundamental skills by continuing our tradition of fall ball. Attitude and determination will be a characteristic trait that will be required of each athlete when choosing the rosters for the upcoming season. Good attitude, team growth and confidence are a must for success in our program.

As in any sport communication within the program is key. So please direct any questions that you may have to the head coach or board members at any time.

Thank you for your continued support and welcome to the 2014-2015 season.

Frankie Armenta
Varsity Head Coach
Gilbert Tiger Lacrosse


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